It is time to return and post

I started this blog on November 1st 2011. The 100th anniversary of Captain Robert Falcon Scott heading out for the south pole from his base camp at Hutpoint. Each day I read the corresponding page from his diary and posted a thought, reflection or comment. 153 entries later the last post sounded. Scott had successfully reached the pole but sadly failed to reach safety. I had shared my thoughts on his historic march and commented on the leadership lesson this historic event may have for us.

For me, the experience of creating a blog and posting daily was a success. I wanted to improve my writing, test my resolve, learn new tools and techniques, as well as understand better a famous moment in history. As well as posts on the blog I continued with assembling weekly emails to colleagues, sharing news, links and articles of interest. I also took a greater interest in social media and more on that in future posts. After the last post on Scott I paused, a little unsure on what to do next. But now is the time to write down new and current thoughts and reflections.

I am proud of the NHS and proud a work for an organisation that has a noble ambition. Proud of its existence, achievement and of my 20 years of service. The change that is gripping us at present is huge but soon a new storm will join the already choppy seas. When the Mid Staffs report is published we will be asked serious questions, not just on what we are doing but on how we are doing it. How we work, function, communicate, motivate and interact within each other, and with patients, will be the demonstration of how services and organisations are behaving. Organisational behaviour that delivers effective, safe care that continually improves patient experience will need leadership that builds on demonstrated values. Developing that leadership and creating environments in which it can prosper is the greatest of challenges.

About hutpoint

Interested in leadership, teamwork, resistance, perseverence and change. A former senior nurse dedicated to learning from and sharing with other flawed humans.
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