Scott 100 Day 55 25th December 1911 : Christmas Day

Christmas Day. No resting, the march continues. Lashly fell through a deep crevasses and it was perhaps more of a serious event then its mention indicates. Lashly is rescued by Evan’s, Crean and Bowers and they continue the march south. Smith describes the meal the men had that day as Scott does but with an additional plum pudding, caramel, ginger and generous mugs of cocoa. Lashly said he ‘could not hardly move afterwards’. Teddy Evans thinks Scott must be so proud of the spirit in the men on the march on this day. The talk amongst the men that night was of home and of Christmas days yet to come. Bowers tells Teddy Evan’s ‘Teddy, if all is well next Christmas we will get hold of all the poor children and we can and just stuff them full of nice things, won’t we?’.

Scotts Journal December 25th 1911. A strong wind, light snow and a ‘good deal of drift’ and even when if subsided it was still about a foot thick. It didn’t slow down progress to begin with and then they started to climb again and ran into a new outbreak of crevasses. They had to change direction repeatedly to keep going forward and they needed to use the ski sticks to help get a grip and be able to pull. At one point Scott stopped to see the second sledge someway behind. Lashly had fallen into a deep crevasses and the sledge had been dragged across and had filled the span stopping Lashly dragging the others with him. It was around 8 feet across and 50 feet deep. Lashly (who celebrated his 44th birthday today) did not make a fuss of the event but just carried on the march. Scott describes Lashly as being as ‘hard as nails’. The surface did improve at points but a high wind, crevasses and snowfields made for a difficult march. Improved surfaces towards the end of the march meant they made 15 miles and came on ‘at a swinging pace’. The party had some Christmas day treats at lunch time such as chocolate and raisins but Scott waits until the following day to write about the supper and states, ‘I must write of our supper last night. We had four courses. The first, pemmican, full whack, with slices of horse meat flavoured with onion and curry powder and thickened with biscuit, then an arrowroot, cocoa and biscuit hoosh sweetened;

Commentary. It is early in the morning is southern England. My family will wake soon and there will be a modern excitement to a Christmas of excess. The small pleasures on the ice probably meant more to these men than all the gifts we will see today. I am sure I will think of them several times as the day goes on, all of them deserve to be remembered.

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