Scott 100 Day 30 30th November : 60 miles from the Beardmore

Patrick Keohane. Keohane was a Royal Navy Petty Officer who had served with Teddy Evans. An Irishman who on this day in 1911 was leading his horse, James Pigg, across the barrier towards the glacier. Keohane would haul up the glacier but not be asked to make for the pole and would return to Hut Point. In March of 1912 he and Atkinson would make one last try to meet the returning pole party.

Horses – Picture from Wikimedia Commons

File:Siberian ponies - Terra Nova Expedition.jpg

Scotts Journal November 30th 1911. Scott described the day as a ‘pleasant day for marching’ however it was hard work for the horses. They are showing signs they are struggling and the whole party is slower, even with the lighter loads. The surface was worse and the horses are sinking deeper into the snow. Scott estimates they are 60 miles from the glacier. The dogs continue to do well and Scott refers to them as being a great ‘standby’.

Dogs – Picture from Wikimedia Commons

File:Sled dogs - Terra Nova Expedition.jpg

Commentary. It’s 2011 and I am typing this is a modern office building and yet the room I am in feels cold, my fingers feel the chill today. Imagine constant cold. Imagine the ever present irritation of that constant battle for warmth, constant nagging cold. I am surprised we have not heard more out pouring from the men, what type of men are these ? Over the next few days we will start to hear some of the less known aspects of this story, of spin, rivalry within the team, a failure to speak and swift to blame. Remind you of any team you know ? Scott, Shackleton, Chruchill and Nelson are flawed not perfect. Yet somehow that just seems to make their achievements seem even more impressive rather than less. Leadership and Teamwork are not easy or simple they are difficult and complex. Many believe the greatest attribute of the modern leader is humility and I would not argue with that. But perhaps running it close would be forgiveness.

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Interested in leadership, teamwork, resistance, perseverence and change. A former senior nurse dedicated to learning from and sharing with other flawed humans.
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