Scott 100 Day 29 29th November : Pass Discovery Furthest South

Charles Wright. Wright was a Canadian and Physicist. He survived the expedition and later became chief science officer for the Admiralty. He also won several decorations for his service during World War 1. He married the sister of Raymond Priestly, another member of the expedition. Wright’s horse was Chinaman and so now he is free of that burden but must take up another, manhauling. Wright was proud that he had cared for Chinaman for so long and commented that ‘he died of old age precipitated by a bullet’.

Charles Wright – Picture from Wikimedia Commons

File:Charles Wright.jpg

Scotts Journal November 29th 1911. A better march and the weather cleared so the mountains could be seen ahead. They kept their speed average at 2 miles an hour and while the horses are tired Scott is confident they can progress for 5 more days. The killing of Chinaman yesterday provided 4 feeds for the dogs and so this can now be taken as the good estimate of food from each animal. Scott sees the dogs doing well and notes that the group will make good progress with their help. He also wants to save the men from manhauling as much as possible at this time. Scott comments on two of the horses, Snippets and Nobby as they now follow their leader without being pulled, a great help to the men. He then remarks that each of the horses has a particular character and that one day he must write about them all. Meares measures the holes made by the horses and they average 8 inches which gives a good indication of the workload on horses and men. In Bowers tent they added some of Chinaman’s undercut to their Hoosh. Scott comments that ‘everyone is in good spirits’.

Commentary. Strange that Scott should comment of writing about the character of the horses as a future project when it appears he has already recorded more about them than he had about his men. In Teddy Evan’s journal Evan’s comments that today the team pass Scott’s furthest South point from the Discovery trip. I wonder why Scott does not record this ? Why would he not see passing such a mark as important ? Could it be that others see every step past the previous record as success and yet Scott sees beating Shackleton’s record or getting to the pole as success. Scott also comments that everyone is in ‘good spirits’ and yet over the next few days the journals of other members of the group will tell a different story.

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