Scott 100 Day 5 November 5th : Fear for Chinaman and Jehu

Robert Falcon Scott was born in 1868. He was raised in a wealthy family although hardship would befall them after his father died and the family need for money weighed heavily with Scott in later years. He joined the Royal Navy and had a decent career becoming an expert in the new art of torpeado warfare. He was asked to command a British expedition to the South Pole and led the Discovery mission (named after the ship they travelled in) of 1901 /1904. Scott and Wilson, who was to return to the Antartic, made a brave attempt to go further south than anyone before them. On this trip they were joined by Ernest Shackleton. Shackleton returned to the south pole with his own expedition and in 19o9 went further than his trip with Scott and Wilson, only 97 miles short of the pole. Scott was encouraged back to the Antartic and in 1910 arrived in his ship, Terra Nova.

On Day 5 the horses seemed, on the whole, seemed to be doing well. They had light loads as a great deal of the supplies needed were being pulled by the tractors. The last functional tractor was ahead of them after they had come across the other tractor yesterday abandoned in the snow. On the march they came across a note from Teddy Evans who was leading the tractor team, the big end on the last tractor had gone and it would only be a matter of time before they came across the abandoned equipment. Scott came across the tractor very soon after the note, it was abandoned and the men had transfered as much of the laod as possible to sledges and they continued, manhauling. Scott had hoped for more from the tractors and was disappointed however he was convinced the idea was sound but that the equipment needed to be reliable.

Scott reflects that on the whole the horses are doing well but he is concerned they are not eating well enough. They take the fodder but not the special oil cake prepared for them. It may have been the first low moment for Scott, in dealing with the disappointment of the tractors he is now looking critically at the horses. He comments that he doesn’t think Chinaman and Jehu will last long.

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