Scott100 Day 3 Scott describes personality of the horses

The team are at the start of the polar summer yet it’s still cold, -22 today, snow drifts and a ‘keen’ wind. The tractors pulling heavy loads are new innovations and are now well ahead of the men, horses and dogs. Scott was always willing to try something new and very much part of that Edwardian spirit of possibility and science. They are now planning their route according to depots of supplies they laid down last summer, Safety Camp is the next stop.

The horses get a great deal of mention at this time and not just a factual reference to their task but an insight into their personality. Jehu, Chinaman and Jimmy Pegg all strong and head off earlier than the others but Christopher casuses the most problems and  is a ‘little devil’. Christpher is so difficult to harness that when he sets off the team don’t stop him for rests, as with the others, they just keep on going. Snatcher is a wonderful little beast and often takes the lead. Before the men settle in their tents they build a snow wall to protect the horses from the wind. So much mention of the horses may indicate the importance they may play in success of failure, how far will they get with them before the load will be hauled by men ?

Scott records seeing a mirage, a waving effect that distorted objects. Also on this day one of the horses ate anothers set of goggles. Christopher had the fringes on the side of his bridle eaten by Bones, this caused him discomfort and to blink in the sunlight. The annoucement of Bones’ extra ration was made by the Irishman Tom Crean, an experienced polar explorer. There was also a Norwegian in the party and he had to race from the base camp as Scott had forgotten the Union Flag given to him by the Queen. Both Scott and Tryggve Gran were aware of the irony of the moment.


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