Setting out from Hut Point – Day 2

My first blog, encouraged by the future and the past. The future after a session with Euan Semple!/euan / looking at future relationships within work, is technology reconnecting us ? The past is inspiring because today, Nov2nd, marks 100years since Captain Scott left Hut Point with his men on the doomed journey to the South Pole. I plan on reading the corresponding day from his journal over the next 5 months.  Scott’s isolation at the pole is so far removed from our modern world of instant communication. Yet reading Scotts journal there is a real sense of impressive content.

What is also facinating is the activity during the connecting 100 years. The journal has a story all of its own, the changes, omissions, inclusions and reasons behind the many versions is a reflection of the changing attitudes as a whole as well as the personalities involved. What it isn’t is a full accurate replication of Scott’s words. Maybe that is to be expected, what we say, think and record in moments of stress and fear could easily be distorted by time and context. But the story of the journal is interetsing in its own way and I am keen to view the original.

On day 2 Scott leaves Hut Point. He refers to his journey as a ‘march’ and his organisational ability is clear, he has a well communicated plan. They march at night with men, ponies, dogs and tractors. Scott comments that the photographer, Herbert Ponting, has a great amount of equipment but ‘fears’ he won’t get a chance to get results. Pontings pictures are now moments of history captured forever and are well worth a viewing

About hutpoint

Interested in leadership, teamwork, resistance, perseverence and change. A former senior nurse dedicated to learning from and sharing with other flawed humans.
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